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June 2011 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

Too Much Information in the Staff Office
by Toni Patt
One of the therapists I work with likes to talk. It seems to me that she is never quiet. I'm beginning to think it is pathological. Communication is good but there is a limit. I don't want to know every detail of my coworkers' lives. I don't think I'm Read More...
Mortality is a Topic for Discussion
by Toni Patt
Throughout my career, the focus has always been on the positive. How the patient will improve. Identifying what goals can be achieved. Negatives were discussed only as barriers to positive outcomes. Death is only discussed in terms of someone having died, Read More...
Waiting for Results
by Toni Patt
Sometime soon, I will be receiving the results of my NCS examination. I'm not sure I'm ready to open the envelope. So far I've dismissed questions about it by saying I won't know until June. Now it's June. I'm going to find out. I'm resigned to either Read More...
Early Mobilization
by Toni Patt
In last week's issue of ADVANCE for Physical Therapy& Rehab Medicine , the cover story described a three-month clinical trial of early mobilization in the ICU. I wanted to cut it out and post it prominently at work. I think all medically stable ICU Read More...


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