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July 2011 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

Productivity Standards
by Toni Patt
One of the responses to last week's blog made an interesting point. The writer attributed one cause of her job stress to her productivity standard. It was the same standard as her PTAs although she had a heavier caseload. I realized the same thing applies Read More...
Finding Time to Take Time Off
by Toni Patt
Physical Therapy is a very time-dependent occupation. No matter what setting we practice in, we are always watching the clock. In outpatient, appointments should start on time. In SNF and inpatient rehab settings, reimbursement is based on duration of Read More...
The Dangers of Stopping Warfarin
by Toni Patt
Over the last few weeks, the stroke service has had a run of patients who have had strokes after stopping warfarin therapy. The reason was usually to have an outpatient surgical procedure. Because warfarin thins the blood the surgeons have the patient Read More...
Working on a Holiday
by Toni Patt
I always joke with friends that holidays are the easiest days to work. No one wants to come to the hospital. There is a skeleton staff and only a few doctors. I don't have much trouble getting through my list because I'm not competing with several other Read More...


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