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September 2011 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

The Healing Power of Animals
by Toni Patt
The third week of every month, the rehab unit is visited by a group of "caring critters." That isn't their real name, just how I think of them. These critters are dogs and cats that have been certified as therapy animals. Their owners bring them into Read More...
My Change of Scenery
by Toni Patt
Every so often it's good to do something different. It helps to put things into perspective. I had that opportunity last weekend when I worked at a SNF. I wasn't able to work at my hospital so I needed to work somewhere else. It's been a long time since Read More...
Medical Noncompliance
by Toni Patt
I've noticed another trend in my stroke population. More and more patients are being admitted with strokes because they haven't been taking their medicine. The frequency has increased from one or two a month to at least that many in a week. This morning, Read More...
Return Demonstration
by Toni Patt
Physical therapists spend a lot of time teaching patients how to do things. We teach home programs. We teach precautions. We teach safety. We teach how to use devices. The list of things we teach is almost endless. And right after we teach it, we document Read More...


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