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March 2013 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

Continuing Education Should Be Evidence-Based
by Toni Patt
I'm a peer reviewer for the Texas continuing education program. I review submissions for neuro, geriatric, acute and general so I get to see a lot what is being proposed for continuing education. Texas has a specific form that must be completed for each Read More...
‘I Can't Help, My Back Hurts'
by Toni Patt
This morning there was a patient on the floor so the request went out for lifting help. Four people responded, including me, a PTA, a male CNA and the patient's nurse. The patient was a big man, weak and in a narrow space so it wasn't going to be easy. Read More...
Not All Patients Work on the Weekend
by Toni Patt
This morning while I was walking a patient, I overheard another patient walking behind us. She was telling the CNA taking her to the dining room that she recognized me from the weekend. She was upset with me because I came to take her to therapy and she Read More...
What Do I Include in CEUs?
by Toni Patt
Recently I took on another challenge, writing a CEU module. When I agreed to do it, I thought no problem. This is what I teach. I already have an outline and references. I can just fill in the words. After I started writing, I realized something. When Read More...


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