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April 2013 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

Return to Manual Therapy... Not
by Toni Patt
This week a patient was referred to therapy because of neck pain. I quickly determined she had a mechanical derangement of her cervical spine. Something was locked in the upper cervical region that prevented her from rotating. Her complaints were inability Read More...
Old School and New School
by Toni Patt
No matter where I am, I hear the old school/new school discussion. In simplest terms, it's a comparison of how we did something years ago compared with how we do it now. In more unkind terms, it can become a condemnation of those who went to school back Read More...
Finally Something I Enjoy
by Toni Patt
Anyone who reads my blog with regularity knows the last year has been a struggle for me. I lost my beloved job. I was fired for being ethical. I encountered more than my share of unethical and self-serving people. During all of that, I hung on and kept Read More...
How Many Minutes Are Enough?
by Toni Patt
This morning I was involved in a discussion about getting the most minutes from each patient. This can be taken two ways. Financially more minutes translates into better reimbursement. Therapeutically it results from the belief that every patient should Read More...


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