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June 2013 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

What If It Happened to Me?
by Toni Patt
Every time I teach, I travel to different cities. Each course brings questions and stories about past and present patients. The general theme of these conversations is either to ask advice or describe a success story. Last week I heard something different. Read More...
The New Manager
by Toni Patt
The rehab director at my SNF is new. She took over the position about the same time I started the job. Whereas I've worked in many SNFs, this is her first management job and it shows. For the past few weeks, she has been making beginner mistakes. Most Read More...
Volunteering Update
by Toni Patt
In past posts, I've expressed frustration at volunteering for various opportunities within the APTA and the Neurology Section. A few months ago, I was nominated for a position on the nominating committee for the stroke special interest group. The results Read More...
My Fear of Maintenance Therapy
by Toni Patt
Last week in his post, fellow ADVANCE blogger Dean Metz shared some good news . CMS has ruled the need for skilled intervention, not functional improvement, makes therapy reimbursable. This means, as he pointed out, patients with chronic conditions can Read More...


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