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Toni Talks about PT Today

Volunteering Update

Published June 11, 2013 12:17 PM by Toni Patt

In past posts, I've expressed frustration at volunteering for various opportunities within the APTA and the Neurology Section. A few months ago, I was nominated for a position on the nominating committee for the stroke special interest group. The results arrived today. I wasn't elected. I wasn't surprised. One of the questions nominees were asked to respond to concerned previous experience volunteering.

I've given up on that. My only volunteering experience has been in volunteering to volunteer. Then I received a request to run for secretary of the Geriatrics Section. One of professors I studied under when getting my geriatrics certificate remembered me and thought I'd be a good choice. I responded that I was honored and would be thrilled to serve. That election is next October. The questions I answered for them concerned service to the section and improving member relations.

It's funny how things work out. I'd have never guessed that I'd receive that email. The letter informing me of the neurological election results also informed me I was now in the volunteer pool. I was instructed to contact them if I didn't want to be contacted about volunteering in the future. I have no idea what opportunities might exist but at least I made the first cut. Progress comes in unusual forms at times.

Today I received an email requesting nominees for the Texas Physical Therapy Association officers. Previously I was the first vice chair for my district. That didn't work out so well. They didn't appreciate an opposing viewpoint on the section board. I'm considering volunteering for the nominating committee. I don't think that's a voting position so opposition might be tolerated to a point. More importantly, it would give me another opportunity to be active in something I care about.

For more than a year, I've been drifting about. I lost my goals and wasn't sure where to direct my talents. As a result, I started teaching. Now it appears I might take office in the Geriatrics Section. Maybe this is the new direction I'm to take. Things happen for a reason. Opportunities present themselves when we're ready to take advantage. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

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I have read your posts for about a year and only commented on one. (You verbally attacked your director who is a friend of mine in one of your posts.) I can only come to the conclusion that you have got to be a very unhappy person, although you do seem to be a very knowledgeable PT practitioner. It would appear that your attitude towards others has kept you from working in the setting that you would prefer. Perhaps teaching is the outlet you need to follow. This last post you mention being someone of opposing views. Perhaps if you are the only presenter you can control the views that are discussed. In time you may learn to actually listen openly to someone's views other than yours.

You can know more than others and be able to discuss subjects off the top of your head but if you consistently come across as a negative person, only those just as unhappy as you sound to be will want to take you seriously. I truly hope you can unlearn your negative stinking thinking and get back to a setting where your talents can really benefit a patient.

Katarinah June 17, 2013 1:57 PM

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