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Published August 14, 2013 8:23 AM by Toni Patt
Now that I've been teaching continuing education courses a while, I've developed a new respect for the people who help with registration. Until I started teaching I never paid attention to them. I signed in, got my manual and was on my way. Now I appreciate what they do.

I get registration help if enough people register in advance for the course. As a result, I've sat at the registration table more than a few times. It isn't as easy as it looks. For some reason, everyone shows up in bursts of three and four at a time. It becomes challenging to keep everything organized. I'm also required to track who will need a certificate mailed to them. Walk-ins must be registered and that includes taking payment. My brain gets a workout before I start talking.

The men and women who help me take it seriously. They come prepared with pens, paper and a book to read during downtime. They always arrive promptly and are prepared to hit the ground running. All I have to do is hand them the packet from the company and they take over. Many come dressed in business casual or better. One older woman scolded the catering manager because the computer table wasn't acceptable and proceeded to demonstrate where the cords should go. 

I had never thought about it before but this is their job and they intend to do well at it. Many have retired from other careers and this is extra spending money. My company uses the same facilities over and over again. One man in Alabama had the cell phone numbers of the catering staff, he had been there so often. That really came in handy when we needed the room rearranged. Another convinced the hotel we needed extra coffee without charge because of walk-ins. I just stand back and watch.

It's been awhile since I've attended a live course other than at CSM. The next time I do, I'll be sure to thank the registration person for helping out. They really are appreciated.

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Reminds me of a story I was told in PT school long ago: A class of students sat down for an exam. The age old instruction; make sure you read the entire exam before you begin was given. The last instruction was thus: "Ignore all the other questions and simply write on the line, the name of the person who cleans this room every day then hand in your paper."

Apparently nobody passed. It was an interesting lesson that they couldn't do what they did every day if it wasn't for the support of the woman who cleaned up and set up the room. She deserved recognition.

I'm sure the assistants you work with will appreciate your recognition of their job well done.

Dean Metz August 14, 2013 8:51 AM

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