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December 2013 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

How Not to Prioritize
by Toni Patt
Over the past weeks, I've been blogging my concerns about staffing levels and quality of care . More and more it looks like staffing will continue to be diminished in cost-cutting efforts. In one blog , I posed the question of how to prioritize patients Read More...
Holiday Staff
by Toni Patt
The holidays are upon us and everyone wants time off. Mangers scramble to cover for vacations, illnesses and unexpected accidents. It's a given there won't be normal staffing levels from mid-December through the first of the year. Every year I ask the Read More...
‘Passive ROM Is Not a Skilled Therapy'
by Toni Patt
Let me clarify that statement before I go any further. I refer to performing PROM as the only treatment on patients who are sedated, minimally responsive, have significant neurological involvement and the like. I'm not referring to outpatient settings, Read More...
Well-Meaning Relatives
by Toni Patt
The first thing I heard when I got to work Monday morning were tales of the well-meaning relatives. We all know the type. They try to help but only make things worse. Or, with the patient's best interest in mind, they interfere with just about everything Read More...


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