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Toni Talks about PT Today

‘We're All Gonna Need Physical Therapy Soon'

Published March 25, 2014 4:38 PM by Toni Patt

I spent last weekend at a horse show in San Antonio. Even though I had both show horses with me, there was still a lot of down time. Since everything is close quarters it's easy to overhear conversations. While I was waiting I was surprised to hear someone in the barn next to us say, "We're all gonna need physical therapy soon."

I wasn't surprised to hear he was sore. I was surprised to hear he knew what physical therapy was. My first thought was the efforts of the APTA must be paying off. People are starting to know what physical therapy is and what we do. I took this as a good sign since a horse show is a good sample of the general population. We have everything from engineers to teachers to truckers in our midst.

My bubble was quickly burst. His very next words were, "I need a good massage." The message hasn't gotten out as clearly as we'd like. I guess this is progress of a sort. He knew that physical therapy existed and treated muscle problems. He just has no clue as to what we can do. I bet this is someone who goes to the chiropractor for a backache.

No, I didn't correct him. It was neither the time nor the place for a teachable moment. I felt the same way at the time anyway, only I was thinking hot shower.

Besides, I have a bigger problem in my barn. One of the show mothers is also a PT. She treats menstrual cramps and stomach aches with who knows what. I'd be thrilled if she would limit herself to massages and muscle spasms.

Guess we have a little more work to do on brand identification.

In case anyone is curious, Flame aced his sport horse classes and Allie managed to beat seasoned horses at only her second show.

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