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Toni Talks about PT Today

Gerichairs Are Not Recliners

Published June 11, 2014 9:30 AM by Toni Patt
This is something I've never experienced. The facility I work for uses therapy gerichairs as recliners for patient family members. For some reason, the facility has yet to invest in recliners that can be put in patients' rooms.  When a family member or patient requests a recliner, someone is dispatched to the rehab department to retrieve a chair.

This creates many problems. Once the chair goes into a room, I'm not allowed to remove it. This decreases my already limited supply of chairs for patients. I'm not allowed to remove the chair to keep the patient or family happy. Currently I know of two chairs being used as recliners in rooms where the patient isn't on caseload.

If I point out I need the chairs for patient comfort, I'm told to make do with what I have, but make sure the patient is happy. Usually this means rotating the chairs between several patients so everyone gets out of bed but for a limited time. 

To make matters worse, whenever a chair is commandeered it's always one of the newest ones. Family members sit in the newer chairs. Patients sit in the older, less comfortable ones. I'm already forever searching for wheelchairs that have been commandeered to transport family members, then left in the room so the visitors have some place to sit. Now I have this.

When I brought the problem to administration, everyone agreed it was a problem. Everyone agreed the patients needed the chairs. Currently there is no money in the budget to buy recliners, or any other chair for visitors. It wasn't budgeted for. That's interesting. This problem has existed for years and no one has thought to budget for even one chair.

This is another one of those battles I cannot win. More chairs are not the answer. I got more chairs this year. I can't keep them in the department.

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