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May 2015 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

When a Patient Refuses a Bedside Commode
by Toni Patt
"I'm not sitting on that." This week I have a patient who refuses to use a bedside commode. He refuses to allow us to position the BSC over the toilet to increase the height. He refuses to do anything but use the toilet in his room. Many people feel the Read More...
Treating a Difficult Patient
by Toni Patt
"I'm paying to be here and be taken care of. You will do what I tell you." It's bad enough we struggle for respect from physicians and occasionally other disciplines. I would say the majority of the population doesn't know what we do or the amount of Read More...
APTA Membership: Cost vs. Benefit
by Toni Patt
I've been reading the responses to my various blogs over the past few weeks . The responses seem to be echoing what I've been saying. Hardly anyone has had anything to say in support of the APTA. Many explain why they don't belong. The general consensus Read More...


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