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June 2015 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

Who Will Want to Be a PT?
by Toni Patt
I've been reading the feedback on last week's blog . Everyone recognizes the problem. It costs more to go to PT school than the salary will support. I suspect many people saw this coming. I did. I'm kind of amazed the people who crafted this grand scheme Read More...
When a Physical Therapist Position Doesn't Pay Enough
by Toni Patt
We recently hired a new graduate as a prn therapist. We offered him a full-time position. He turned it down because it didn't pay enough. He gave the same response to three other facilities when they offered him positions. None of them paid enough. He Read More...
My Patients Are Sicker Than Ever
by Toni Patt
We're all well aware of the fattening of our patients. Years ago facilities rented bariatric equipment. Now they own it. Obesity compounds other medical problems as well as interfering with mobilization, and the trend continues. I've noticed another trend Read More...
The Patient Is Always Right No Matter What
by Toni Patt
My facility has instituted a new policy: Keep the patient happy no matter what. Staff has been instructed to think of patients and their families as clients. Happy clients tell friends about their experiences. We want those friends to choose our facility Read More...


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