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September 2015 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

Ensuring Proper Translation with Patients
by Toni Patt
My hospital serves a large population of non-English-speaking patients. At any given time, one-third to one-half of my caseload speaks Spanish. As a result, the Interpreter Services Department was created. They either employ or contract for interpreters Read More...
The Reimbursement Paradox
by Toni Patt
I wish someone could explain this to me. The baby boomers are aging. Each year, millions more of them will become eligible for Medicare. Instead of increasing funding to cover everyone at current levels, the government is decreasing the funding. Everyone Read More...
The PT Job Search Continues
by Toni Patt
This week I thought I'd follow up on my friend's job search . She graduated the same year I did and lost her job last month. I'm tracking her progress because the plight of experienced therapists seeking work is completely overshadowed by how new grads Read More...
Words of Patient Wisdom
by Toni Patt
Wisdom comes to us in many ways. Last week one of my patients told me not to get old. Being an old lady is hard on you. I've never heard it put any better. You Might Also Like... Prime Performance for Swimmers How rehab professionals are helping competitive Read More...
The Skilled Nursing Facility Conundrum
by Toni Patt
Last week I was involved in a discussion regarding membership in the APTA. For once the topic wasn't new graduates but therapists who were members but no longer are. The question was, what would it take to bring them back in? What do they value? I responded Read More...


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