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October 2015 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

How to Get Elected to the APTA
by Toni Patt
Last weekend was the Texas Physical Therapy Association annual conference. Before the conference began, I attended a board meeting. Among the items on the agenda was a nomination to the APTA. Being curious, I asked what the process was to be nominated Read More...
The DPT: How Did They Miss This?
by Toni Patt
The more I talk to therapists around the country, the more I get the impression very few of us think that requiring the DPT as the entry-level degree for the profession was a good idea. Taken apart from other issues, the DPT is a good thing. But as the Read More...
There Aren't As Many PT Jobs As Before
by Toni Patt
I just got back from a teaching trip in two larger cities near Lake Erie. I was lucky in that I was able to eat lunch with some of the attendees. Both times the discussion eventually turned to concerns about our profession. They had a different perspective Read More...
A Mobility Issue I Never Thought About
by Toni Patt
On my way home from work today, I stopped at the grocery store. As I was walking to the front door, a woman stopped me. She had one of those electric shopping carts and asked if I would please drive it back into the store for her. I must have looked shocked Read More...


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