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Dress Like You Mean It
by Jason Marketti
When I first graduated from PTA school and began work in a hospital I did not even consider wearing scrubs. I wore khakis, a button down shirt and a tie. I gave up the tie after several months but kept with the pants and shirts and continue to do so even Read More...
Too Far With Patient Care?
by Jason Marketti
My patient passed away. He had a complex history prior to breaking his leg at home and going through extensive rehabilitation at our facility. His wife was extremely supportive with all the efforts he made and was always positive in the care he was provided. Read More...
My Civic Duty
by Jason Marketti
I received my jury duty notice in the mail a while ago. After sitting in a crowded room for what seemed like days several of us potential jurors were sent to a courtroom. After painfully long instructions we were asked several questions about our families, Read More...
Must Have PT Equipment
by Jason Marketti
Working in therapy for the last 12 years has allowed me to know what equipment is the most useful as well as equipment that has less value in treating patients in a nursing facility. Although it is not an all inclusive list, this should cover all the Read More...


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