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June 2008 - Posts

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Being a CI
by Jason Marketti
It's a challenge to take on one or two students, but it is worth the time and effort knowing that some knowledge was passed along to others who will also share that knowledge in their career. I enjoy the time I spend with students and I like the questions Read More...
Rantings of a PTA
by Jason Marketti
As much as I dislike complaints about our profession, every once in a while I like to get things off my chest. Productivity Until my employee handbook expressly states what my productivity will be, I do not worry about it. My yearly evaluation has nothing Read More...
Book, Books and more Books
by Jason Marketti
I like to read. Not only that, I have a small library at home (once encompassing our two car garage). Often the subject of the book is unimportant to me. It is the way a writer will tell a story. Within the first page or two I can tell whether it will Read More...
Medical Terminology as a Second Language
by Jason Marketti
We have a policy at our facility where English must be spoken in front of all patients and family. Except, if the patient or family member speaks another language we can communicate in. I live in Southern California, guess which language is spoken second Read More...


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