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Book, Books and more Books

Published June 10, 2008 2:46 PM by Jason Marketti
I like to read. 

Not only that, I have a small library at home (once encompassing our two car garage).

Often the subject of the book is unimportant to me.  It is the way a writer will tell a story. Within the first page or two I can tell whether it will be a book I will enjoy reading. 

I read Asminov (I love science fiction), Grisham (I think the books are better than the movies), Roald Dahl, Elizabeth Gilbert, Edgar Allen Poe, all sorts of biographies and countless other authors and subjects that I could name.  All of these are read purely for pleasure and each one exposes me to a new format, a new idea, and even a different outlook on life. 

For professional reading I will often turn to the Internet and do searches on a particular subject that I am interested in at the time. Several years ago I was doing a search on the history of therapy and some of the pioneers of our profession.  I found a great site.


Jay Schleichkorn, PhD, PT, sent me two of several books he authored; one was about Signe Brunnstrom and the other was about William John Little, MD.  I devoured the books in a relatively short time.

When we look at history of any profession or genre of stories we can see that it changes over time.  Once there were healers and restorative aides and now we have Therapists.  Once there were petroglyphs then printed books now there is the internet and e-books.  The concept doesn't change it is the way ideas are progressed that changes. 

The concept of our profession is healing, that does not change. It is the way we perform that skill that changes by new technology, new ideas, and understanding that the foundation the PT pioneers laid down for us has allowed us to progress to where we are today.

posted by Jason Marketti


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