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July 2008 - Posts

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Why the Secrets?
by Jason Marketti
Our department is on our third DOR in about six months or so. When the first one left we were all notified that he was leaving. And everybody in the facility was notified about his departure. When our second DOR left it was apparently supposed to be a Read More...
Dirty Jobs
by Jason Marketti
I like Mike Rowe. He seems like the kind of guy I would want on my team. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how bad it seems, he is the one who is smiling and joking around with the crew. We are like that at my facility. No matter how busy, no matter Read More...
The Five Rights
by Jason Marketti
Since nurses have the five rights when it comes to medicine administration (the right drug, the right dose, the right route, the right time, the right patient) I figured it was time to establish the five rights with physical therapy administration. They Read More...
Just the Assistant
by Jason Marketti
Because I am a PTA do people look at me as "only an assistant" to the REAL therapist? I have asked myself that question and have been told by patients and family members, "Oh, you're the assistant, can I talk to the therapist?" So, like everyone else Read More...
Where Are the PTA Authors?
by Jason Marketti
During my education in school as a PTA we did not use any books authored by PTAs. Why not? There weren't any available. But the athletic trainer book was more acceptable than one written by a therapist. Imagine that. I am sure there are PTAs who enjoy Read More...


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