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Where Are the PTA Authors?

Published July 1, 2008 8:47 PM by Jason Marketti
During my education in school as a PTA we did not use any books authored by PTAs. Why not?

There weren't any available. But the athletic trainer book was more acceptable than one written by a therapist. Imagine that. 

I am sure there are PTAs who enjoy writing, just look at ADVANCE magazine and there are articles written by assistants. More of us need to take this a step further and write a book.   

I did. Well, not exactly. I wrote about two chapters of an assessment book and pitched it to a high profile company that specializes in therapy books. I was sent a notice that they were not interested until enrollment increases in the PTA programs. Fair enough. Other publishers did not even bother to respond.

Since that time I have seen several books written by PTs for PTAs.  Perhaps my ideas were not what they were looking for at that time. Maybe there is a PTA who could deliver a book that publishers are looking for. 

I know PTAs have written books. These books should be available to every PTA program for them to use either in class or as a reference. (This is where I could have shamelessly plugged my own book of therapy if I had bothered to finish it, instead I will plug my poetry book.) 

The bottom line for PTAs is to get out there and write, research, educate and encourage one another about our profession. And for those PTAs that are currently doing this, please continue, we need you.



Read book by Shankman, PTA.  Excellent.

Mitzi March 23, 2009 7:34 PM

Dear Jason:

I have written 3 articles for ADVNCE for PTs and PTAs and I am now writing for Wikipedia.  Did you know there is no article written about the history of PTAs on Wikipedia?  Could ana rticle be written about PTAs for ADVANCE?  And do this in conjunction with Wikipedia?  I am currently doing a research project for Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute which I hope to publish in Annals of Internal Medicine with one of three major Institutions.

I think your advice is excellent and I would encourage others to follow suit!


Bill Riley, LPTA, ATRI


William Riley, Geriatrics - Staff PTA for Sundance Corp, The Fairfax July 17, 2008 4:20 AM
Alexandria VA


Very good point and exhortation to your colleagues.  If you are serious about writing and getting published (therapy material, poetry, or anything else!), don't let a rejection letter stop you...keep pitching.  But don't stop there.  There are other steps you can take to increase your odds at publication.  

Find a writing group and take your material for critique.  Go to a writing conference where you can get critique and face time with editors, publishers, and agents.  Check out books at the library on query writing and the world of publishing.  Queries and summaries are an entirely different kind of writing from book writing.  

Getting a book published takes research and education, usually.  It also usually takes multiple rejections before finding the publisher who catches your vision.  Some of the most popular authors have piles of rejection letters they can now snub their nose at :-)  I heard about a publishing house that rejected what has become a best-selling, award-winning kids' series (complete with movies and products).  You can bet that publishing house had experienced a regret or two.  Just because a publisher passes on an idea doesn't make it a bad idea...it just means that publisher didn't "get" it.

So, to anyone out there with a passion to write...do it.  But also do your homework and be diligent until your work gets in front of someone who shares your passion!

Janey Goude July 5, 2008 2:38 AM

I am glad you wrote this blog.  I am very interested in writing a book for PTA's but I am not sure what information is needed or neglected.  If I could get a start on an idea maybe I would consider writing.  I am planning to write an article on MFR for my massage magazine, would it be interesting for this PT magazine?  Please let me know.  I really want to know.

Michelle Heath, , PTA/CMT Braintree rehab July 2, 2008 5:46 PM
Braintree MA

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