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Why the Secrets?

Published July 29, 2008 6:56 PM by Jason Marketti
Our department is on our third DOR in about six months or so. When the first one left we were all notified that he was leaving. And everybody in the facility was notified about his departure. 

When our second DOR left it was apparently supposed to be a secret. I ask you, how do you hide something like that? She was not to tell anyone in the facility, including us, that she was leaving, and because it was a secret we all knew about it. 

I have worked at places where there is backstabbing and little "secrets" that only a few employees know about and I find that childish. If an employer wants to take a position they should be up front and honest with the department. Don't you think we would find out on Monday morning when the new DOR is taking charge that a change occurred, or are we that dense that we wouldn't notice? Come on employers, we're not that stupid.

I have worked at places and when a PT/PTA was "let go" we explained to the patients who asked that he/she went on to better things or that they found a new job. Easy explanation and understandable by the patients in long term care who are used to seeing our smiling faces everyday. But this time...it boggles my mind, why the secret? Am I supposed to tell the 90-year-old-patient, "I don't know what happened to our boss; she just didn't come to work."

An employee is the backbone of the company. No surprise there. But if I have no idea what my employer is doing and when they are doing it, how can they expect me to carry it out. Maybe I should ask more questions. 


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