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Positive Thoughts

Published August 26, 2008 5:59 PM by Jason Marketti
"We can't think negative thoughts and expect to live a positive life."

That is a quote from my friend Tony Catino.  Tony is a PT I worked with for about a year or so, but we have kept in contact through cards, calls and his uplifting words of wisdom in his pamphlets that he writes and distributes.  

How many times have I complained about my job, my children, my life? Every time I complained things did not improve for me or the situation.  So, I changed my thinking pattern and voila change occurred. 

I have also made some changes in my work schedule.  I am trying to eliminate as much stress as possible for myself so I can enjoy life more.  We need to have a good balance but I want to tip the scales so I have more fun than ever before.

Leonard Knight seems to have perfected the balance.  He has fun while doing what he loves.  Some may know him better as the creator of Salvation Mountain in Niland California. (http://www.salvationmountain.us/)

My family and I went out to visit him one day and he is exactly like he appeared in the movie Into the Wild.  He is sincere and truly enjoys what he does. 

It is the balance in life that I keep chasing and everyday that I eliminate the stressors, I am one step closer to my little piece of heaven.


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