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September 2008 - Posts

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Trying to Understand
by Jason Marketti
In my search for information I come across many sites that provide valuable references for me. One search led me to a biography site (www.whonamedit.com) that I devoured rapidly and I enjoy going back frequently to keep updated on the information as new Read More...
Mini Evals
by Jason Marketti
My proposal to save costs in health care and increase the rate of patients we see to limit wait times in facilities is to allow the PTAs to perform mini evals. We, as PTAs, would make initial contact with the patient, gather data (ie., assess the patient), Read More...
by Jason Marketti
My job is based on productivity. It is not expressly stated but implied that I should be 100 percent or more productive throughout my day with patient care. But, what do I make? I mean, what do I create at my job? I don't build, mold or dismantle anything. Read More...
by Jason Marketti
The focus is always on two folks running for president. It seems the independent people that are running never get the press coverage that they deserve. If you look, there are quite a few people that are trying to get into the White House. After looking Read More...
Keeping it Exciting
by Jason Marketti
I like action sports. Something with a bang, an unexpected ending, something excitable. What I really love is watching the UFC on Spike TV. I dream of me standing there in the octagon against Chuck Liddell swinging my left - right combo haymakers landing Read More...


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