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Keeping it Exciting

Published September 2, 2008 5:50 PM by Jason Marketti
I like action sports. Something with a bang, an unexpected ending, something excitable. What I really love is watching the UFC on Spike TV. 

I dream of me standing there in the octagon against Chuck Liddell swinging my left - right combo haymakers landing a TKO in the first round and the crowd goes wild screaming for more. 

I think it is the dedication the athletes have for their sport that I admire the most.  Especially in the UFC.  They know perfectly well they are training to get beat up yet they train even harder and work beyond where most people would quit. 

Then I think of my patients.  I do everything I can think of to cajole them to get out of bed to walk ten feet to the bathroom.  I try to convince them that exercises are good for them and they will get stronger if they continue to do them. They are "training" only to become household ambulators yet I have to almost force them to participate in any activity.  

Today I had a THA patient refuse to get out of bed.  "It will take me a couple of days to get better before I get up."  I went through my speech of the benefits of therapy, then I discussed the insurance issue of them not paying if she doesn't participate when that didn't convince her I gave her some handouts of exercises and told her if she changes her mind to come to therapy.  Social services also talked to her about being discharged if she doesn't participate but that wasn't even enough to convince her to get up for dinner when I came back to ask her if she want to get out of bed.      

I wonder if the trainers of UFC fighters have to go through this.


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