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Published September 9, 2008 7:29 PM by Jason Marketti

The focus is always on two folks running for president.  It seems the independent people that are running never get the press coverage that they deserve. If you look, there are quite a few people that are trying to get into the White House. 

After looking at the candidates and trying to decipher where they stand on subjects important to me I am finding great things in each one. It is hard to decide on just one person to lead the country. I think there are too many issues that need to be taken care of for one person. 

If things go wrong, that one person is who we all blame for the world's woes. And if everything is good, we praise their leadership ability. Kind of like what we do to our rehab directors.

But to give credit to those who run for presidency it takes temerity to put yourself out there for the world to pick you apart and find every fault of yours and exploit it. I sure wouldn't want to run for office.   

One big issue for health providers is who is going to pay us for the services we provide?  If insurance is constantly cutting costs and the price of durable medical equipment continues to rise, who will take care of the patients?

The best time I had was right before I got into PTA school. I volunteered for several years in a pool program for handicapped children.  There were no time limits and no worry about payor source. It was great.  And I didn't have to call a doctor to get approval to "treat" the person. I just did what seemed right and learned techniques from others that were there.  

For now I will keep my eyes open to all candidates and listen to their issues and try to understand where they want to lead our country. I am undecided at this point.  


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