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Published September 16, 2008 6:35 PM by Jason Marketti
My job is based on productivity.  It is not expressly stated but implied that I should be 100 percent or more productive throughout my day with patient care.

But, what do I make? I mean, what do I create at my job? I don't build, mold or dismantle anything.  I problem solve-at times saving a life perhaps, but our profession is service based and does not necessarily promote creativity. 

I have heard that I should be creative with patient care in regards to "capturing the minutes," and I am told that no one refuses a foot massage even if they refuse lower extremity exercises, but what am I creating that is new?

So, my challenge to myself is to find a new way for me to be creative.  I have plenty of designs for equipment in my head and have written some of them down but have yet to implement them like our inventor colleagues we read about in ADVANCE magazine. 

This is where William Steig's book helped me.  He wrote "CDC?"  It is a play on letters to create words, phrases and scenarios.  It was stimulating enough for me to try and create therapy phrases using only letters, numbers and symbols. 

T-R-P     X-R-C-S

P.S.  Steig also wrote Shrek.


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