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October 2008 - Posts

PTA Blog Talk

by Jason Marketti
This time of year can be challenging for some people. Do you allow your children to participate in Halloween or not? Should we allow them to dress up in make believe costumes and let them pretend they are someone else for a couple of hours while they Read More...
by Jason Marketti
I recently moved. What a pain. This is literal, I was in pain for days. My leg muscles ached, my back was stiff and my biceps burned with every movement. I thought about all the lifting techniques I taught over the years that went out the window when Read More...
PT’s Time
by Jason Marketti
Recently I had a list of what I thought were difficult patients. One particular patient was actively vomiting in the morning. I spoke with the nurse who stated she needed to call the MD to get something for the patient because of this. I found the PT Read More...
PTAs Leading the Way
by Jason Marketti
For Physical Therapy Month I thought I would introduce the PT world to a prominent PTA who is a leading force in the community. Stephen Pope, LPTA, has been practicing since 1995, graduating from the Professional Skills Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. Read More...


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