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Published October 21, 2008 3:09 PM by Jason Marketti
I recently moved.
What a pain. This is literal, I was in pain for days. My leg muscles ached, my back was stiff and my biceps burned with every movement. I thought about all the lifting techniques I taught over the years that went out the window when maneuvering a solid oak hutch through a doorway that is too small to accomodate anything larger than a shoebox.
How am I suppose to lift the freezer up over three steps and then down two? And why did we buy all this junk in the first place. 
Then it hit me, these are obstacles that our patients face everyday. The stairs, the maneuvering through spaces that don't accomodate their assistive devices, and of course sore muscles after a hearty work out from their therapist.
What surprised me after I really thought about it was that my home is not friendly to any assistive device or to any person with a disability. If I was incapable of walking safely around my home I would have to move. And then it hit me, this is what our patients could face; either be unsafe in a familiar environment surrounded by their own things or be placed in an unfamiliar assistive living home or SNF with half or none of their belongings. 
Thankfully this is not the case with every patient but for those that fit the senario, I can understand why they would want to be home and not be displaced.
One last note of thanks and that goes to Biofreeze for making me feel better during those painful days and nights after my move.


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