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Published October 28, 2008 1:18 PM by Jason Marketti
This time of year can be challenging for some people. Do you allow your children to participate in Halloween or not?

Should we allow them to dress up in make believe costumes and let them pretend they are someone else for a couple of hours while they go from house to house asking for candy? Will my therapy department allow me to dress up for the day as well?
My wife and I made a decision. We initially decided that we would not participate in the Halloween events, then we flip flopped (like a political candidate) and agreed they could. We also decided that we would attend a church-sponsored event called Hallelujah Night where the church will have games, candy, jumpers, etc. for the evening. The children can still dress up, but we thought they should go as something not evil.
As far as house to house, I didn't feel real comfortable last year in our California neighborhood so we didn't. It is a big contrast from my Nebraska youth days running amok from house to house eating baked cookies fresh from Farmer Fred's wife Nettie. 
So, we moved to a new place where I feel more comfortable with the children going house to house eating junk food and getting stomachaches. We'll still look for a church-sponsored event because the children had a blast last year.
My son presented me with a newsletter from his school about celebrating El Dia de los Muertos. And then family asked what we are doing on All Saints Day and All Souls Day. 
I responded, "If there is food involved we will be there celebrating whatever holiday it is."
As far as dressing up at work, I use that as a day to wear jeans and a pocket tee just like I do on my days off. Last year I went as a tough guy. I wore jeans, a black shirt, tough biker rings with skulls on them and of course my Harley Davidson leather boots. I looked real cool getting out of my 1997 Aerostar Minivan.
Oh yes, I must mention the time-honored event that I take part in--just as my father did with me and my brother, and that is to confiscate the "poisoned" candy from my children so they can survive doing it again another year.


Yeah, my dad used to do that too.  

Karen November 3, 2008 2:07 AM

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