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November 2008 - Posts

PTA Blog Talk

Online PTA Education
by Jason Marketti
Recently I came across an online PTA program. To tell the truth I was skeptical about it. After more research I concluded that it was ingenious to offer education online for PTAs. Now some may say, "You can't teach therapy online." San Juan College ( Read More...
Chairs, Stairs and Ramps: Part II
by Jason Marketti
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a PT not writing a gait goal for a patient and me walking with them. Apparently this was done to thwart the insurance company. Insurance companies are notorious for looking at gait goals and discharging a patient when Read More...
Rural PTAs
by Jason Marketti
Practicing therapy in rural areas requires the therapist to think a bit more independently than one in an area where there are a lot of therapists to bounce treatment techniques off of. In home health situations, the homes may be spread out for miles, Read More...
Chairs, Stairs and Ramps
by Jason Marketti
"Watch my hands and legs!" I yelled to the HOH, 781.2 patient. I demonstrated the sequencing of getting up and down from a chair. I took him to the stairs after that, again demonstrating with verbal cues for the patient to do as I do. The ramp was next. Read More...


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