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December 2008 - Posts

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Out to Lunch
by Jason Marketti
Recently I went out to lunch with my co-workers. One asked about my family, so I layed it all out, my wife was fine, my son was adjusting well, youngest one was great, but my middle daughter has a new diagnosis; Schizophrenia. I went on briefly to describe Read More...
Reading My Documentation
by Jason Marketti
Before computors I wrote all my notes out in long hand and could scrible the "n's" and "m's" or add a dot above the word if I wasnt sure the word had and i or an e. There was no spell check with red underlnes or grren wavy lines if the sentances didn't Read More...
Lack of Effectiveness
by Jason Marketti
Like Laodicea, the department was "lukewarm" and lacked the desire to be effective in the delivery of physical therapy. They were content about where they were going and happy to do as little as possible in the way of making it better. I saw a need to Read More...
Kudos to PTs
by Jason Marketti
Often I will write about the bad experiences I have working with PTs. About 10 percent of the PTs I encounter are similar to the ones I have described in previous blogs. It is those PTs who make the profession difficult. I am sure there are other PTs Read More...
Reuse, Recycle, Rehabilitation
by Jason Marketti
Ed Begley is a nut. He is also one heck of an environmentalist. As I was watching his program, "Living with Ed," I got to thinking about how many resources we (in therapy) might waste. What happens to all of the paper charts after 10 years? Are these Read More...


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