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Lack of Effectiveness

Published December 16, 2008 4:04 PM by Jason Marketti
Like Laodicea, the department was "lukewarm" and lacked the desire to be effective in the delivery of physical therapy.  They were content about where they were going and happy to do as little as possible in the way of making it better.

I saw a need to improve and tried to increase productivity by being a better time manager but I saw the lack of enthusiasm on their faces.  I gave it my full effort to be a better PTA within the department but realized I was facing an obstacle which wouldn't change within the time frame allotted.  So what do I do?

Accountability should be a big motivator for us to improve the skills we already possess and a desire to attain skills we need.  If I see I am lacking in a particular area I will educate myself so I know how to do it better next time.  But how do I extend that to my coworkers?

I want to be in a thriving, growing therapy department.  I could easily kick back and sit on my laurels, certainly I feel I deserve to, but that is not me.  I want to see success at every level of care, from our patients being wheeled in and walking out to our facility marketing and developing niche services through growth.  But I may not see all that if our PT department does not become more effective in the delivery of care. 

I had a manager say to all of us that we should make room for others if we cannot fully commit to the direction the PT department is going and institute the programs we were trained for. I agreed and left the position because I couldn't fully commit to the demands that the position required.  If I am not able to believe and agree in the departments direction of growth and support the manager with the demands of the position 100% of the time I should not be there.  And I hope no one else is either. 

There is always a place for our skills but how long should I stay in a "dead" department?   


Dead depts. are hard to work in.  The best course is the plug along and people (patients, administrators, nurses, etc) will notice your tempo of work.  Don't leave if you see that the place has potential growth.  

Change will occur however with all changes to motivate PT's and PTA's it can be slow.  The things that occur behind closed doors within a company is tremendous and everything is seen, from productivity to work ethics.  Private phone calls are made on certain peoples behalf which can hinder an employees advancement or promote a PT/PTA to a better more productive position.  

Chin up, stay the road if your long term goal permits.

karen December 20, 2008 3:25 PM

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