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Health Care Unions
by Jason Marketti
I got to thinking, what if therapy was part of a union which would help us keep patient-to-therapist ratios to a limit, allow us 40 hours a work week no matter if the case load is there or not, and limit our productivity standard to 80 percent with a Read More...
by Jason Marketti
The title says it all. I finally saved up for a Wii and several games and an extra controller. Now I understand why it is used in therapy. I don't think Billy Mays could have sold it any better. On bowling nights we have a fun competition to see how many Read More...
Life Goals
by Jason Marketti
Randy Pausch's book, The Last Lecture is excellent. Section V has been re-read multiple times. It was like taking his short but successful career with all his knowledge and experience and condensing it into 30 small chapters. Another book that should Read More...
Canadian Assistants
by Jason Marketti
Tracy Dignum is the co-coordinator for the Rehabilitation Assistant Diploma Program at Capilao University. I recently spoke with her about therapy assistants and training in Canada. The assistant programs are two years in length with 500 hours of clinical Read More...


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