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Money Makers

Published February 3, 2009 4:52 PM by Jason Marketti
I have thought of a new way to supplement my income. I am going to sell space on the back of my name badge.


You see, we have lanyards that we use for our name badges and often times my name badge gets turned around and my name is not shown, so if I rent out that free space to companies that represent health care, our patients will see this and want to buy those products. I will be a walking billboard in the facility.

It sounds crazy, but it may not be so different when you look at the tissue boxes at the MD's office or the pens, magnets and samples given out by reps who want us to recommend their products.

If I work in a wound care clinic and Stryker or 3M wants to advertise their products, I can sell my name badge space to them for a fee with the stipulation that I will wear the name badge flipped to their product logo when I am at lunch or doing non-patient related tasks.

Branding is not something new. All I propose it to exploit it a bit. Maybe I could get a free shirt out of it and a couple of free pens to take home to my children.

We often recommend products, places to purchase equipment and the equipment itself. Patients trust us to do this. And if we trust the companies that we are telling patients to go to, we are advertising for them without a kick back. (Maybe kickback is not the best legal term to use, but oh well, I call it as I see it.)

This will be a win-win situation for everyone. Companies will be able to have their product brand visible to patients up close, we will be paid to wear (and represent) their brand, and the patient will be treated in the most professional manner with maybe a small marketing spiel from us. But that will cost extra.


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