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March 2009 - Posts

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The Fathers Network - Part One
by Jason Marketti
I recently spoke with Greg Schell and James May about The Fathers Network and how they serve their community in the state of Washington. The Fathers Network began in 1978 at the University of Washington for fathers raising children with special needs. Read More...
Desk Space
by Jason Marketti
I have had two desks in my career. One was when I worked acute care (many years ago) and the other was last year in a SNF. Currently my "desk" is the top of the therapy steps where it is level with a shelf. This is where I chart on a computer notepad. Read More...
Being Physical
by Jason Marketti
I see some "heavy" patients. By heavy I mean they are difficult to position and transfer; some require two people to transfer from the mat to the wheelchair and back. The aide and myself have a pretty good routine when doing this and we ensure we are Read More...
Men's Health
by Jason Marketti
Why is it that there is very little in the way of men's health in therapy? There was the Men's Health Week in June, then everything disappeared. There are sections for women's health, but what about us guys? We have our own unique code and ideas about Read More...


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