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Men's Health

Published March 3, 2009 6:19 PM by Jason Marketti
Why is it that there is very little in the way of men's health in therapy?  There was the Men's Health Week in June, then everything disappeared.

There are sections for women's health, but what about us guys?  We have our own unique code and ideas about what is healthy and what we should eat to maintain our figure. 

Last time I went to the doctor (who was about my age, which was weird), he asked me about my diet and what I do for exercise. Right on! I wish more doctors would question us guys like that.  And I wish therapists would be more proactive in the field of men's health. 

Some things to do for the guys in a SNF:

  • A guys-only group therapy session. If a male therapist lays it out straight about health and exercise it can make a difference.
  • Guy's only lunch/dinner. Sometimes guys need to be guys. Jokes, bragging, bravado, etc., it's part of manhood. Discuss it all with them.
  • Play poker. Not everyone may enjoy this, but laying out the cards in front of them will usually provoke them into participation. Most of the guys I see have been in the service and have played a hand or two of "21"
  • Let the male PT/PTA see the male patients. Every once in a while a guy needs to be encouraged by another guy and having a male therapist may be the way for increased participation and progression.
  • Call them "dude and man." Also use mister and sir. A little slang mixed in with respect will remind them they are men and not some feeble invalid in a nursing facility.
posted by Jason Marketti


Men's health is neglected.  If the right person is able to educate the guys on their health then everyone benefits.  True, some males will respond better to a male therapist.  

As long as we are giving our patients the education they need and they are responding favorably we are doing a great service.

Karen March 7, 2009 9:34 PM

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