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April 2009 - Posts

PTA Blog Talk

by Jason Marketti
Therapy treatments should show progression, and insurance companies will approve treatments as long as the patient will progress. This is probably why few PTs are in hospice care. But what about PD and dementia-related diseases that are slowly progressive Read More...
A Day Without an Assistant
by Jason Marketti
The debate about PTAs and where we will be in the future is undecided but we do know the APTA has not done enough to advance the PTA and the known bridge programs are virtually useless to the majority of us that want to progress from PT Assistant to PT. Read More...
CPR and CEU Money
by Jason Marketti
I recently took a BLS instructor course. (I will be able to teach CPR and first aid among other things.) I was initially told this was covered by my CEU money, and later told it was not. Then I thought, why wouldn't it be? It could turn into a great marketing Read More...
The Fathers Network--Part Two
by Jason Marketti
I met James May approximately 10 years ago when he was invited to speak at an Early Head Start program in Lewiston, Idaho. With multiple advanced degrees in Applied Behavioral Science and Mental Health (he is a licensed mental health counselor), and a Read More...
“I’m not a nurse!”
by Jason Marketti
This phrase comes up way too often in nursing facility therapy departments. If a patient needs an assessment on blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, respirations, etc., therapists often divert to nurses. WHY? The therapy community is trying Read More...


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