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CPR and CEU Money

Published April 15, 2009 2:36 PM by Jason Marketti
I recently took a BLS instructor course. (I will be able to teach CPR and first aid among other things.)

I was initially told this was covered by my CEU money, and later told it was not.

Then I thought, why wouldn't it be? It could turn into a great marketing tool for the company and the facility by advertising that we can instruct family and private providers with first aid and CPR for free if they want it. Is that kind of marketing too innovative? 

I guess nobody wanted to foot the bill for that one. But they will pay for yet another balance and the elderly class. If I wanted to take that, I would have picked it.

I told them since no one wants to cover the cost of the course, not to advertise that we have staff who can provide BLS instruction. Maybe that's a bit harsh, but I can advertise on my own. (I could probably find another therapy company that would pay for the course too.)

The administrator may come to the rescue and provide the financial backing for the instructor course. We'll see; I will keep you updated.

I still need to buy the equipment, which is not a big deal since I will be instructing people how to save someone's life. I even interviewed my wife to become my secretary in case I get busy doing the CPR classes.  I told her to give me a call back in two weeks and I would let her know if she was hired!


CEU money should be something both the clinician and the facility will benefit from.  CPR instructor courses would ideally be a good fit as long as only one of you took the course.  

Marketing this is good.  How do you market a peripherial nerve class or lower quadrant fixed distal end exercise classes?

As long as you don't take a peds swimming course when you are in a SNF, classes should be what you are interested in and those should be reimbursed by the facility.  

If you took a taping course would the facility buy the tape?  Mine would pay for the course but refused to purchase tape for me to use on my patients.  Be careful when choosing a course.  Facilities in some regions are tightening their belts or dictating which courses they approve of even if you are not interested.  

Karen April 17, 2009 9:17 AM

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