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Men's Lunch
by Jason Marketti
My son and I went to a men's lunch at my work not too long ago. As we sat there I tried to engage some of the men into conversation that would appeal to my son's knowledge of history. There was one gentleman who was initially hesitant to speak but once Read More...
Being a Dad
by Jason Marketti
Am I invisible when I go to the MD with my wife and children? Why do most of the health providers we see together look at me then talk to my wife? Are they surprised that a father is taking an active role in their child's health and asking pertinent questions Read More...
Max Level Performance
by Jason Marketti
I write about complaints I have experienced and concerns I have about the health care industry. But some of my comments are only to make us perform better. Imagine if you never had a thorn in your side asking questions trying to absorb and understand Read More...
When the PTA Knows More
by Jason Marketti
I have worked with new grad PTs and those with many years of experience, and there will always be times when I know more than a PT, just as they will, at times, know more than me in relation to patient care and progression. Over the years I have learned Read More...


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