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Max Level Performance

Published May 13, 2009 1:39 PM by Jason Marketti
I write about complaints I have experienced and concerns I have about the health care industry.  But some of my comments are only to make us perform better.  

Imagine if you never had a thorn in your side asking questions trying to absorb and understand where you (the PTs) are coming from.  Some of you could. 

I am trying to be a better therapist and with that comes questions; lots of them.  If I question a therapist about progressing a patient, am I criticizing them or just being curious?  People have told me to keep communication open between the PTs and the PTAs and it is difficult if I get shut out and shot down with my questions and concerns about the patients. 

Years ago I felt burnt out, frustrated and my work performance significantly decreased.  Then I met someone who asked me simple enough questions that allowed me to explore and change the way I thought about my career.

1) Are you happy where you are now?

This is straight forward and it is not about the people I work with nor about the job itself.  It encompasses everything about your life: marriage, children, commuting to work, everything.  I answered "No" and took a three-month vacation with my wife and children.  When I returned I was rejuvenated and excited about my job again.

2) Why are you still doing this?

Great question.  Is it about money, fame, the older ladies I meet? No, none of that.  I want to help other people. 

3) What can I do to help?

This was probably the best question that was asked of me.  I couldn't answer it immediately.

So how did I translate that into performing better and trying to get others to perform at that same level?

I answered question number three.


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