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Father's Day

Published June 24, 2009 8:13 PM by Jason Marketti
Men's Health Week has passed but June is also considered Men's Health Month.  As I placed information about men's health on our rehab door at the beginning of the month, I realized I should probably get a check up.  But time passes too quickly and eventually I tell myself I am feeling fine and I go about my day without thinking about going to visit the doctor again. 

Then Father's Day comes and my wife reminds me I have been a father for 14 years.  It became a time for reflection as I expressed my joy at the handmade cards that the three of them made for me.  And then I drift again, has it really been 14 years? Wow!

So once again I sit here and think, I should make an appointment?  But the more I think of it, I haven't made an appointment in years.  My wife makes all the appointments for us and keeps track of them on a calendar.  I don't even know the number to the clinic, let alone find it by myself (my wife usually comes to the appointments with me).

So, even though I express the need for men to be men, we couldn't do it without our other half to help us along the way. 

I hope all the Father's had a great time; I personally relaxed on the couch and watched T.V. all day.  I guess that's not the best way to end Men's Health Month.

posted by Jason Marketti


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