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A Problem

Published July 1, 2009 2:28 PM by Jason Marketti
But first an update:  A while back I spoke about my CPR Instructor course and no one wanting to pay for it through CEU money and me hoping that our administrator would pay. Well, no one paid for it.

Now for the difficult part.  I work with a PT who is constantly behind on paperwork.  That is not unusual; we all get behind at times and then we catch up eventually. Well, this PT has not caught up for a long time and it affects patient care. 

For example, a patient has met their goals and I communicate to the PT that the patient needs a reassessment and an update on the goals if they are to continue.  The PT does the reassessment but does not update any goals.  There is no verbal feedback as to what we are going to continue with the next day when the patient is on my list.  So I ask. 

I was met with confusion on the PT's part.  It was as if I asked her in a foreign language.  I simply want to know which direction she would like the patient to go in.  I honestly think she didn't have a clue as to what to do.  So she said she would take the patient.

Two weeks go by and goals are finally written after she had a discussion with our district manager.  If she would ask me I could have suggested several goals that the patient needs to work on.  But then again should I have to tell a PT with 20 plus years experience what to do?       

I think there is a problem.  The PT may not see it as one but if there is failure to communicate and a patient is on my list I would like to know what the intentions of the PT are before I proceed with therapy.  If I continue to get the nonverbal confused look feedback I have been getting it might be time for one of us to leave. 


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