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Published July 8, 2009 12:25 PM by Jason Marketti
Recently I bought a radio with a CD player for our therapy gym.  We did not have one for about a year and I thought it was time to fill in the silence during the exercises.  I keep the radio volume low like that guy from Office Space that keeps looking for his stapler. 

The downfall is that some of the patients are not able to hear the radio when it is turned down so low.  The benefit is that some of the younger patients will recognize the songs on the radio.  I know younger is relative in the SNF setting but we have some patients that are around my age and I am almost sure they do not want to listen to swing and show tunes every time they see us in the gym.

At one place I worked we switched stations daily to keep us all well versed in music tastes.  One day it would be country the next day rock and roll and the patients did not seem to mind the changes.  It often stimulated conversations about who sang a particular song.

One patient allowed us to borrow a CD from her and we would sing along as "Rum and Coca Cola" played.  We had never heard the song before so it was nice to be introduced to a "new" type of music.

I am not sure how well some of the patients would enjoy Eminem's new CD though, I may keep that exclusive for my ipod.

And Office Space is one of my favorite movies to watch when I get frustrated at work. 


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