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August 2009 - Posts

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Not Assessed
by Jason Marketti
My scenario: A patient was evaled and goals were established for transfers and strengthening exercises. So I see the patient this last week and have her stand up with a FWW. She took a step. This was followed by several more steps on her own initiation Read More...
A Political
by Jason Marketti
I try to stay out of politics, but with all the talk of health care reform I need to speak. As a father of two children who have disabilities I have incurred a large debt even though I have health insurance. The system does not work for families like Read More...
Sisyphean Tasks
by Jason Marketti
Sometimes I feel like my work is to no avail. The endless stream of "revolving door" patients and constant repetition of instructions can drive me insane. I get frustrated when I give a patient HEPs and theraband with detailed instructions on its use Read More...
Stronger After Stroke
by Jason Marketti
Peter Levine wrote a great book. I am not saying this because he e-mailed me back and gave me a great website to browse nor would I say this only because he is a PTA who does research about stroke rehab. I am saying he wrote a book families and clinicians Read More...


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