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September 2009 - Posts

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Reining Me In
by Jason Marketti
The PTA reports to the PT who is responsible for the patient. I get it. I discussed my role with a PT friend of mine recently and asked her about how much leeway she gives the assistants who work with her. She told me even though she is friendly with Read More...
Get it in Writing
by Jason Marketti
As a PTA I have to rely on the PT for accurate and up to date information in order for me to perform my duties. I have been to places where all the notes were up to date with the latest tests and accurate documentation and if one piece of information Read More...
Remembered As
by Jason Marketti
What is it that we want to be known for? Torturers? Educators? Innovators? Advocators? All of the above? Or none at all? If we see a patient once, and once only, what is it that we want them to take away from the visit? Some of it will depend on diagnosis, Read More...
Affe mit Schadel
by Jason Marketti
Sometimes I feel like Rheinhold's monkey when it comes to figuring out problems or what to do next with patients. I will have all the tools necessary (books, measuring devices, adaptive equipment, etc.), but will be unable to figure out what I'm supposed Read More...
Gordian Knots and Such
by Jason Marketti
Trying to get things done and developed programs in our department can be like a Chow-Lui Tree explaining the Bayesian Networks. (The geeks like me will understand this) I have attempted many times to do balance and stability programs and be consistent Read More...


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