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Gordian Knots and Such

Published September 2, 2009 3:16 PM by Jason Marketti

Trying to get things done and developed programs in our department can be like a Chow-Lui Tree explaining the Bayesian Networks.  (The geeks like me will understand this)

I have attempted many times to do balance and stability programs and be consistent with the Berg or Tinetti but there is absolutely no carry over by the P.T. and since there is hardly ever a baseline to go from at eval and no goals to work towards that reflect a progression towards improvement I might give up trying to do this.  I have even explained reasons why we need to have a reliable test but the conversation seemed to go nowhere. 

I would be better off having the PT explain Ampere's Circuital Law (the integral form one, not the differential form) with Maxwells correction, than have a fall management program stay on track with appropriate goals that can reflect improvements. 

There are other programs that I would like to develop and interested in but need the backing of the PT so our department can do it.  If the PT is not interested in developing programs like wound care and falls/balance our department becomes stagnant as does our treatment techniques.   How can I light a fire under her to get her to become more motivated and want to improve and stay on task?

Anyone with an Alexandrian Solution?



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