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October 2009 - Posts

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Therapy Menu
by Jason Marketti
Like buying fine foods by number we should offer a therapy menu for those who are undecided what will take care of their aches and pains. It would look something like this: JASON'S THERAPY #1 Massage...........................$XX.00 (For first 15 minutes. Read More...
The Legacies Project
by Jason Marketti
When I worked in Palm Springs I held a tape recorder for a gentleman during the therapy session who was recounting his time in the war and in great detail his time in Burma. It was fascinating to hear this man's history. He was doing it so his family Read More...
Participation in an NIH Study
by Jason Marketti
I was recently at the National Institute of Health. My family and I are involved in a study there. Since I had not flown in an airplane since pre-9/11 it was quite an experience for me. The police and armed guards were initially intimidating and security Read More...
Reining Me In - Part 2
by Jason Marketti
When I was doing wound care I put together most of the protocols that we would use in the department as well as stocked the equipment that was necessary to treat almost any kind of wound. I met with the appropriate nursing staff so we would all be on Read More...


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