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December 2009 - Posts

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My New Beginning
by Jason Marketti
I am thankful my wife and daughter finally got home on Christmas day after being "stranded" in Baltimore due to the snow. I want to thank NIH and The Children's Inn for their service, support, and hospitality while they were both there. I also am thankful Read More...
We Share a Dream
by Jason Marketti
"There are actions to which we are born, and for which we have a talent exceeding mere teaching." --Robert E. Howard For therapists who endure the frustrations and rewards of patient care, there is always a beautiful light at the end. The patients get Read More...
by Jason Marketti
During these seasonal times there might be joy in the air for some, but for others it is a time to reflect about what is important to them. Did we all remember Pearl Harbor Day? On December 7, 1941, 2,402 personnel lost their lives and 1,282 were wounded. Read More...
A Repurposed Life
by Jason Marketti
For the elderly in nursing facilities who have commanded armies, started businesses, traveled the world, and ran households successfully, what more can we offer them? Some have struggled through difficult times and pushed past roadblocks unimagined by Read More...
Going Out
by Jason Marketti
Taking patients outside of the facility can be a great way to change their outlook on their rehab potential. My first job in an acute care hospital I did just that. It was in 1996, before PPS and productivity was carefully scrutinized in the rehab field. Read More...


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