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We Share a Dream

Published December 23, 2009 2:33 PM by Jason Marketti

"There are actions to which we are born, and for which we have a talent exceeding mere teaching."   --Robert E. Howard

For therapists who endure the frustrations and rewards of patient care, there is always a beautiful light at the end. The patients get better and we learn from one another through observation, brainstorming, and simple trial and error to find what works best with each patient. 

I have spoken about frustrations with therapists and turmoils when dealing with conflicts that have a potential to impede care.  But, both myself and the therapist that I happen to work with at any given time want the same outcomes when dealing with the patients. We both want the patient to get stronger, feel better and, most of all, learn from us. 

Debates will continue in our field, as they do in other health-related fields, but I hope we all continue to share the same dream that every patient will benefit from what we possess.  If we continue to advance our specialties and advance our education, the very least we can do is advance our patients. 

We share a dream that our education and knowledge will place us as experts in the field of physical therapy and other health disciplines will recognize this expertise and turn to us for advice when dealing with complex patients. 

We share a dream in which we will be known as experts in movement disorders and physicians will seek us out because of our knowledge.

We share a dream that no matter how much we disagree with each other, the patient is our primary concern.

We also share a dream that it doesn't matter what type of insurance a patient has, they will always receive the best care possible from us and we will continue to advocate with them.

Some may recognize Robert Howard's name from the quote; he was an author and creator of the fictional character, Conan.   


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