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An Update on Family

Published January 6, 2010 3:38 PM by Jason Marketti
As you all know, we were in a study with NIH.  The study ended and we learned some valuable lessons mostly regarding how to travel better in large cities with three children, a new diagnosis with my middle daughter and hopefully a better beginning with less medicine. 

More good news comes from my youngest daughter who has epilepsy: She has been seizure free for one year. This sounds great, but we still see subtle signs of activity and are still not sure whether it is related to the medication side effects or the brain's electrical discharge. Time to see the specialist again next month. Her last EEG did not show any changes from her very first one.  This may be a good sign in that it is not getting worse-but it is not getting better either.  

And lastly, my son who happens to be "Big Brother." I rarely mention him because he is a teenager and likes to do his own thing. 

A couple of other items: Some people will read this and wonder how my wife and I survive with lots of appointments, different and a constant changing schedules and how we end up so sane at the end of a day. To tell you the truth, my wife handles quite a bit more than me. All I have to do is go to work. My wife handles the phone calls from school-"Your daughter is having double vision. What should we do?"-and calls from my son-"Wrestling practice is over, can you pick me up?"

We all have days that are filled with hectic events, time pressured deadlines and, at times, a small amount of leisure if we can fit it in. 

So what do I do to have peace? I get up earlier than everyone else in the house and enjoy the quietness that silence brings. Once the alarms go off and everyone crowds in the kitchen, the coffee will be cold and the Pop-Tarts half eaten.  I seem to be getting smarter as I get older.


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